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Переводы средств, процент от ВВП - Классация стран:

Средний показатель за 2017 составил 4.83 процентов. Наибольшее значение было: 34.24 процентов (Тонга), наименьшее: 0 процентов (Ангола). Ниже приведен график для всех стран, которых имеют данные для: Переводы средств, процент от ВВП.

Переводы средств в процентах от ВВП, 2017
(процентов, Источник: Всемирный банк);

Определение: Personal remittances comprise personal transfers and compensation of employees. Personal transfers consist of all current transfers in cash or in kind made or received by resident households to or from nonresident households. Personal transfers thus include all current transfers between resident and nonresident individuals. Compensation of employees refers to the income of border, seasonal, and other short-term workers who are employed in an economy where they are not resident and of residents employed by nonresident entities. Data are the sum of two items defined in the sixth edition of the IMFs Balance of Payments Manual: personal transfers and compensation of employees.

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