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Туберкулез - Классация стран:

Средний показатель за 2016 составил 108.4 cases per 100,000 people. Наибольшее значение было: 781 cases per 100,000 people (ЮАР), наименьшее: 0 cases per 100,000 people (Монако). Ниже приведен график для всех стран, которых имеют данные для: Туберкулез.

Определение: Incidence of tuberculosis is the estimated number of new and relapse tuberculosis cases arising in a given year, expressed as the rate per 100,000 population. All forms of TB are included, including cases in people living with HIV. Estimates for all years are recalculated as new information becomes available and techniques are refined, so they may differ from those published previously.

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