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Средний показатель за 2019 составил 52 points. Наибольшее значение было: 97 points (Сингапур), наименьшее: 8 points (Венесуэлла). Ниже приведен график для всех стран, которых имеют данные.
Индекс защиты прав собственности (0-100), 2019
(points, Источник: The Heritage Foundation, TheGlobalEconomy.com)

Определение: The property rights index measures the degree to which a country’s laws protect private property rights and the degree to which its government enforces those laws. It also assesses the likelihood that private property will be expropriated and analyzes the independence of the judiciary, the existence of corruption within the judiciary, and the ability of individuals and businesses to enforce contracts. Higher index values denote more certain legal protection of property.
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