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Конкурентоспособность - Классация стран:

Средний показатель за 2017 составил 4.3 points. Наибольшее значение было: 5.86 points (Швейцария), наименьшее - в: 2.87 points (Йемен). Ниже приведен график для всех стран, которых имеют данные для: Конкурентоспособность.

Определение: The Global Competitiveness index is composed of 12 pillars of competitiveness. The pillars are organized as followed: Basic requirements (Institutions, Infrastructure, Macroeconomic Stability, Health and Primary Education); Efficiency enhancers (Higher Education and Training, Goods Market Efficiency, Labour Market Efficiency, Financial Market Sophistication, Technological Readiness, Market Size), and Innovation and sophistication factors (Business Sophistication, Innovation).